Sidney Congard's website

Hello ! I'm from Alsace, in France. I did a computer science school at Marseille & Québec then worked 3 years at Paris before going back to study mathematical logic in the LMFI. I'm now doing my thesis at Gallinette since October 2023 under Guillaume Munch-Maccagnoni and Rémi Douence ! Here is my CV (in english or in French).

You can contact me at "sidney DOT congard AT gmail DOT com", or at one of these websites :

Me and Mojito

The attic

A presentation (in French) to introduce and motivate Jean-Yves Girard's transcendental syntax in the philosophy of mathematics course at the LMFI, which I refined into some slides for an informal talk.

The report presenting my work at my internship in Prosecco on Aeneas, a framework to translate safe Rust programs in proof assistants. A summary is given in those slides (in French).

A category theory project for the Coq course at the LMFI, made with a classmate.

The C++ course (in French) I made for classmates at Québec.

A talk (in French) I gave about the ways copies can happen instead of moves in C++, with its slides (in english).

A C++ project for a small data-structure on which I gave a talk and wrote two small posts.