Sidney Congard's website

Hello ! I'm from Alsace, in France. I did a computer science school at Marseille & Québec then worked 3 years at Paris. I went back to study mathematical logic in the LMFI, and I'm now looking for a thesis, preferably about semantics of programming languages and linear logic. Here is my CV (in english or in French).

You can contact me at "sidney DOT congard AT gmail DOT com", or at one of these websites :

Me and Mojito

The attic

A presentation (in French) to introduce and motivate Jean-Yves Girard's transcendental syntax in the philosophy of mathematics course at the LMFI, which I refined into some slides for an informal talk.

The report presenting my work at my internship in Prosecco on Aeneas, a framework to translate safe Rust programs in proof assistants. A summary is given in those slides (in French).

A category theory project for the Coq course at the LMFI, made with a classmate.

The C++ course (in French) I made for classmates at Québec.

A talk (in French) I gave about the ways copies can happen instead of moves in C++, with its slides (in english).

A C++ project for a small data-structure on which I gave a talk and wrote two small posts.